We Automate Mobile Network Operations with Artificial Intelligence

  • Voted #1 AI Startup by Mobile Operators and Investors @ MWCA 2018

  • Selected as one of the worlds most promising growth-stage companies by GSMA @ MWCA 2018



$50B market size
Founder with industry expertise
Validated product-market-fit with paid $250K POC
Purchase order with multimillion-dollar ARR with Tier-1
$100M+ pipeline of Tier-1 POCs
Multimillion-dollar ARR 2019 projection

Company Purpose

Our mission is to fully automate mobile network operations with artificial intelligence


High cost of mobile network operations due to rise in network complexity is causing carriers margins to shrink

Exponential increase in network complexity is making networks not humanly manageable

Competitors are solving the problem by selling more consulting services, relying on obsolete business models that generates 70% of the their revenues. They can’t provide an automation solutions and risk cannibalizing their revenue


3TEN8 AI delivers an automation technology that reduces cost of operations and manages network complexity

3TEN8's AI system self-learns from billions of examples–from internal network sensor data, and external environmental data–to automate mobile network operations

3TEN8’s AI Operator is a product that delivers autonomous network Self-Healing & Self-Optimization with artificial intelligence.

Why Now?

Costs: Carriers’ margins are shrinking at an alarming rate putting pressure on technology executives to seek solutions to lower their cost of operations

5G: 5G is introducing new complexities that exceeds humans ability to manage

SDN/NFV: Carriers are adopting network virtualization and software defined solutions making the management of networks feasible to perform with AI

Feasibility: AI solutions are feasible at low cost due to lower cost of compute & SDN/NFV

Business Model Disruption: Vendors can’t deliver in fear of self-cannibalizing their own revenue and can’t move fast

Market Potential

Market: Mobile Network Automation (CAGR 48.7%)
Customers: Mobile Network Operators
Potential: $50B

Business Model

Charge per device managed per year for multimillion-dollar ARR per deal


Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei


Miro Salem - Founder & CEO (Ericsson, AT&T, Verizon)
Naresh Guntupalli - Co-founder & VPE/ML (ex-Paypal)
Dr. Elica Rahdar, Ph.D. - Co-founder & COO (UCLA Neuroscience, Research & Stats)

+ 3 Data Scientists (Stanford, Netflix, Facebook)


Mobile networks around the world self-operating with 3TEN8’s AI Operator.

As 3TEN8’s AI Operator connects and operates more networks, it will act as an intelligence hub, learning from the collective-intelligence of all networks (gaining intelligence, value, IP), and delivering increasingly efficient and effective operations for each customer