Meet the 8 mentors who could help you scale your startup

The Innovators Program is on a mission to transform the workplace and society by creating the right environment for the best and brightest founders to solve important problems.

How do we create that environment?

We set the bar high. The program leverages best practices from lean startup & design thinking as well as lessons from recent successful tech startups like Zenefits, Slack, Cloudera, and others on how to build a customer-centric product that can evolve into a scalable business. We expect the teams to apply these learnings to their startups and make significant progress within a matter of days and weeks. We meet frequently to see how they are doing and help them make adjustments as needed.

We make it easier to focus. The ability to focus is often the difference between success and failure for early-stage startups. Our startups get a $10k grant at the beginning of the program, which means they can fully leverage the accelerator and focus 100% on their startup idea, rather than being distracted by living expenses or other financial obligations. At the end of the program, we will allocate an additional $50K, equity free, and enrollment in an additional three month growth program to the team(s) that have the highest potential of success.

We provide all the benefits of working with corporate partners without the headaches. Red Hat and Citrix provided the $100K startup funding with no strings attached, a unique and hard-to-find display of corporate support. Despite their best intentions, corporate sponsored startup programs often have terms that are not beneficial to the startup’s best interests, e.g equity or exclusivity in return for funding or requirements to use the sponsor’s technology. The $100K startup grant money provided by the sponsors of the Innovators Program comes with no strings attached, giving our founders flexibility to build and iterate according to their vision.

And finally, we provide access to a robust network of entrepreneurial mentors. These mentors are a group of top-notch, highly-talented entrepreneurs, all of whom have graduated from past Innovators Programs themselves.

Meet the eight alumni mentors for the 2016 program:

Michelle Harper, Founder & CEO at Savii Care: Michelle is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in management, sales, healthcare, and technology. Before founding and scaling Savii Care, Michelle held senior positions at Home Care Software Solutions and eCast Software. Her company has raised over $1.1M in two funding rounds since launching in mid-2014.

Ryan O’Donnell, Co-founder and CEO at EmployUs: A “serial social entrepreneur,” Ryan has been involved in several ventures as a founder, early employee, or impact investor. These include Pennies4Progress, which helps merchants and customers fundraise for nonprofits, GROUNDFLOOR, a venture-backed micro-lending platform for US real estate deals, and most recently, EmployUS, a free mobile hiring app which recently raised $750K.

Alex Kehaya, Founder and CEO at ActionWins: Alex is a serial entrepreneur, developer, and coach whose work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and FastCompany. He’s also an Entrepreneur in Residence at Opus Logica, Principal at TakeFlight, which works with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and schools to build cultures of innovation and bring new products and services to market, and a co-instructor at UC-Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program.

Miro Salem, Founder and CEO at 3TEN8: Miro is a technology entrepreneur, engineer, and telecommunications expert who’s worked with major organizations like Ericsson, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon, Nortel, and Sprint. Miro has raised $1.67M for his current venture, 3TEN8, which helps major companies like these operate their mobile networks more effectively by focusing on user experience and design. Their first product is called Beeper, an intelligent mobile app for cloud-based network operations.

Han Jin, Founder and CEO at Lucid VR: Han is a serial entrepreneur with a background in product management, hardware, manufacturing, and virtual reality. He’s lectured at UC Berkeley, was on the founding team of Bayes Impact, a Y-Combinator company, and was co-founder and CEO of Lucid VR is backed by Berkeley Skydeck and Lab360 and has been featured in Forbes, Techcrunch, FastCompany, CNET, and more. Han and his team have raised $2.4M since launching in 2014.

Patrick Muggler, Founder and CEO at AmbyGear: Patrick has 15+ years of strategic planning, business development, marketing, and engineering experience in the high-tech and semiconductor industries. In 2014, his company Ambit Networks launched the AmbyGear kids’ smartwatch, which uses gamification, rewards, and a mobile app to help families stay connected and safe. Prior to that, Patrick worked in product marketing and management at organizations like ABB Group, Intersil, and Texas Instruments.

Nag Palavalli, Founder and CEO at TripCloud: Nag is an entrepreneur and highly experienced web developer. His ed-tech company, Eudora, was the first international startup to graduate from The Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley and has been covered by the WSJ, TechCrunch, and The Economic Times. In 2014, he also won the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, the largest global programming competition held in San Francisco, with a project called ReachOut.

BJ Lawson, CEO at EHOP Health: BJ is a serial entrepreneur with a background in software engineering and medicine. In 2010, he became CEO at EHOP Health, which partners with business to achieve employee wellness and lower healthcare costs. BJ was also the Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect at MercuryMD, a healthcare IT company that he helped grow through acquisition by Thomson Reuters in 2006.

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