3TEN8 secures carrier agreements to launch AI for network operations

San Jose, CA, March 1, 2017– 3TEN8, has announced that it has secured agreements with several carriers to launch its artificial intelligence for network operations.

The carrier agreements will allow 3TEN8 to launch its proprietary algorithms, which have shown significant accuracy in predicting network outages and performance degradations on wireless networks.

This is an incredibly exciting time for 3TEN8, and a huge step for an industry that has long relied on manual methods to manage wireless networks, a method which accounts for 82% of network downtime, and performance degradations. We will finally be able to apply our proprietary algorithms outside of our labs. Our team has already seen significant positive early indicators, so we are excited to get started.
— Miro Salem, Founder & CEO, 3TEN8

In a world, so reliant on wireless connectivity, this is an exciting step towards using AI to operate the networks that ensure this connectivity, and is a step towards making sure we never hear the words “can you hear me now”, again.

About 3TEN8

3TEN8 was founded by a former Ericsson subject matter expert, and technical advisor, who grew tired of the manual, and tedious methods used to manage wireless networks. Now, with a team of seasoned Stanford data scientists and UCLA neuroscientists, 3TEN8 is focused on harnessing recent advancements in AI and machine learning to change the way people manage and operate networks.


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Nelli Tokleh is Director of Public Relations at Shiroma Southwest.