Autonomous Networks
with Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence

Access to petabytes of data from a tier-1 mobile network

Founder with Domain Expertise that felt the pain

Active POC with Tier-1 mobile network

$70B+ Market

In addition to 3TEN8’s solution being aligned with our $3 Billion network improvement/automation initiative, we were very impressed with the team and their domain expertise in network operations. It was nice to deal with a company that didn’t need a lot of startup time, and was able to hit the ground running. After executing a POC a few months ago, we are now negotiating a PO, and are keen to make 3TEN8 an AI partner.
— Tier-1 Executive Officer (name provided in due diligence)


Our mission is to fully automate wireless network operations using artificial intelligence.


Increasingly complex networks are managed by manual and rule-based systems.


Using AI to automate network operations.

AI Automation for Network Ops

3TEN8 AI learns from internal network sensor data as well as external environmental data to operate network operations.



  • 3TEN8 is currently in POC with Tier-1 carrier
  • 3TEN8 is in negotiations for a P.O. with Tier-1 carrier
  • Product deployed in small/midsize carriers
  • Generating revenue & projecting 7 figures for 2018

Market Size

The Autonomous Networks market size is +$70 Billion.

This represents the initial market for 3TEN8. Future deployments will address WiFi (MSO), and Enterprise I.T.


Circle - uses the power of AI and Big Data to drive networks autonomously with little to no human supervision. Circle has an interface designed for executives and engineers, with a heavy focus on UX, that is specifically crafted for network operations (think Star Trek for network operations). Circle's core AI technology is the future driving force of networks worldwide.


Transparency - circle provides visibility to executives on how things are going on the network
React - faster response to failures and degradation using the power of ML/AI
Optimize - better optimization of network resources using ML/AI and Big Data
Plan - forecast the state of the network in the future, including outages and anomalies
Drive - Autonomously Drive the Network Forward with little to no human supervision

Business Model

Pricing is per device managed per year.

Devices include – Subscribers, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles

As of October 2017, there are over 8,372,779,131 connected devices in the world and 5,104,069,173 unique subscribers. (https://www.gsmaintelligence.com/)

Founding Team

Miro Salem - Founder & CEO (Ericsson, AT&T, Verizon)

Dr. Elica Rahdar, Ph.D. - Co-founder & COO (UCLA Neuroscience, Research & Stats)

Dr. Marcos Perreau-Guimareas, Ph.D. - Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist and VPE (Stanford, Netflix)