Autonomous Networks - 3TEN8's mission is to fully automate wireless network operations


Mobile networks are incredibly complex systems, yet management and troubleshooting rely largely upon human judgment with minimal software assistance; human errors directly cause 80% of network outages and performance degradations (Gartner, 2015).


Perform over 90% of network ops tasks using self-learning Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

3TEN8's proprietary A.I. learns from many networks, and use that collective-intelligence to better operate each network individually.

Why Now?

  • 5G (SDN/NFV, Cloud-RAN, Small Cell, API Exposure)
  • The power of A.I. technologies on cloud computing
  • Big data infrastructures are in place at operators


  • 3TEN8 is currently in POC with Tier-1 carrier
  • 3TEN8 is in negotiations for a P.O. with Tier-1 carrier
  • Product deployed in small/midsize carriers
  • Generating revenue & projecting 7 figures for 2018

Market Size

$100 Billion is spent every year on network operations by mobile network operators.

This represents the initial market for 3TEN8. Future deployments will address WiFi (MSO), and Enterprise I.T.


Circle -  a network of networks that learn from each other, to better predict and diagnose network failures, optimize network performance, and automate over 90% of manual tasks.

AVA - the interface to humans. Ava is the future of network management applications. Designed for executives and engineers, with a heavy focus on UX that is specifically crafted for network operations (think Star Trek for network operations).

Business Model

Pricing is per device managed per year.

As of October 2017, there are over 8,372,779,131 connected devices in the world and 5,104,069,173 unique subscribers. (https://www.gsmaintelligence.com/)