To create a cloud product that operates networks using artificial intelligence.


Incredibly complex mobile networks are being run by humans, using outdated software; causing 80% of network outages and performance degradations (Gartner, 2015).


Perform 90% of network ops tasks using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

3TEN8 is building a proprietary A.I. that can learn from many networks, and use that collective-intelligence (I.P.) to better operate each network individually.

Why Now?

  • 5G (SDN/NFV, Cloud-RAN, Small Cell, API Exposure)
  • A.I. on Cloud computing power
  • Big data infrastructure at operators makes them now ready for A.I.

Market Size

$100 Billion is spent every year by mobile network operators, on network operations.

Initial market is Mobile Network Operators. Future deployments will be in WiFi (MSO), and Enterprise I.T.


Circle -  a network of networks; that learn from each other, and as a result can better predict and diagnose network failures, optimize network performance, and automate 90% of traditionally manual tasks.

AVA - the interface to humans. Ava is the future of network management applications. Designed for executives and engineers, with a heavy focus on UX that is specifically crafted for network operations (think Star Trek for network operations).

Business Model

Pricing is per subscriber per year.

There are over 7 Billion subscribers in the world.