We’re a team of explorers who like to have fun, and through that spirit, create brilliant ideas.

We have opened the door into a new world of endless opportunities. Our culture is made up of ingenious engineers who are not only exceptional problem solvers but can also think in divergent possibilities: people who have the audacity to challenge the norms and ask “whys” and “what ifs”.

Not only technical thinkers but more importantly strategic thinkers. Thinkers who can execute at light speed!

A group of team players, no egos, no hierarchies and no judgment.

3TEN8’s team is led by Miro Salem–who launched the world's first LTE networks, and operated the world's biggest networks as an engineer, subject matter expert, and technical advisor to the industry's top executives. His motto: “We make lemonade out of chairs”.

About 3TEN8

Star Trek for Network Operations. Imagine an engineer walking up to a screen, and asking the computer, “look for anomalies on sector 97B”, to which the computer responds “all functions were within established parameters.” Of course, all this is done only after the engineer provided their authorization code: Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7.

3TEN8’s technology is the first real-time self-learning artificial intelligence capable of automating network operations. 3TEN8 harnesses deep domain expertise in mobile network operations and artificial intelligence to build a cognitive operations technology for a self-healing and self-operating network.

How to join

  • Data Scientist

  • ML Engineer

  • RAN Scientist (4G/5G protocol guru)

  • Data Engineer

  • Dev Ops

  • Data Visualization Genius

  • Another skill we need but overlooked

If you have skills that can help 3TEN8. Apply!


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