How it works

>>>Hello, my name is AVA. Welcome to my CIRCLE.

CIRCLE by 3TEN8 is an exclusive group of wireless network carriers, who have made the decision to embark on a journey to make their network’s stronger, smarter, and more efficient; by harnessing the power of collective intelligence.

3TEN8 AVA is an artificial intelligence that learns from her circle of networks, and applies what she's learned to improve each network individually. AVA can predict network outages with 92% accuracy, and diagnose network issues using a proprietary Causal Graphical Model.



Using a proprietary classification algorithm, AVA can correctly predict which sites will experience performance degradation the following day based upon their current performance.


  • For the first time ever, mobile network operators can predict and resolve network problems, before they are ever felt by a single subscriber.


Using state of the art ML with Expert Knowledge and Deep Neural Networks, AVA provides insights into the common failure modes of your network.

Our proprietary algorithm, first identifies when a current outage falls into one of known modes, and then provides detailed debugging instructions for how these issues are successfully fixed.


  • Record problem to resolution times.
  • Plan for large, high-profile events, with the peace of mind that no major network degradations or outages will occur.

    Executive Mobile APP

    AVA is your personal network assistant. She keeps you informed about what's going on with your network, through an incredibly simple, beautiful design and user experience. You will have unprecedented, effortless knowledge of your network.


    • The only product focused solely on providing executives access and visibility to their network; making you less dependent on weekly reports, and prepares you for important performance meetings.
    • Stay informed and up to date on information that matters to you; you can setup AVA to show you only what you care to see.
    • A clear and concise view of how your resources are being used, and how efficiently your network is being managed.