AI Automation for
Mobile Network Operations

Access to petabytes of data from a tier-1 mobile network

Founder with Domain Expertise that felt the pain

Active POCs with Tier-1 mobile networks

$150B Market


Our mission is to fully automate wireless network operations using artificial intelligence.


Mobile network operations are incredibly inefficient. These increasingly complex mobile networks are managed by manual, and rule-based systems. The current solution, is to throw more bodies at the problems, shrinking margins and creating an unsustainable business model. These problems are only getting bigger, 5G deployments (i.e., IoT and machine type communications), are projected to add billions of new devices to these networks, increasing the complexity of managing networks. Needless to say, this is a lot of data, and although efforts have been made to store this data in Big Data solutions, little has been done to innovate operations.


Using AI to automate network operations.

AI Automation for Network Ops

3TEN8 AI learns from internal network sensor data as well as external environmental data to operate network operations.



  • 3TEN8 is currently in POC with two Tier-1 carrier

  • 3TEN8 is in negotiations for a P.O. with a Tier-1 carrier

  • Product deployed in small/midsize carriers

  • Generating revenue & projecting 7 figures for 2018!

Market Size

The Autonomous Mobile Networks market size is $150 Billion.
3TEN8 will also consider future deployments in WiFi (MSO), and Enterprise I.T.


Circle - uses the power of AI and Big Data to self-learn from many networks, and drive network operations autonomously, with little, to no human supervision.  Circle has an interface designed for executives, managers and engineers, with a heavy focus on UX (think Star Trek for network operations). Circle's core AI technology is the driving force for the future of mobile network operations worldwide.

Product Milestones achieved:

Circle can forecast the state of the network in the future, in order to predict and prevent network incidents and outages, and reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR). You can't steer a ship/car, if you can't see ahead. As a result, Circle can prioritize work based on projected future subscriber impact, ensuring positive customer experiences.


Orange = AI Forecasted

72 Hour Forecasting of Network Outages
*real live network results


Business Model

Pricing is per device managed per year.

Devices include – Subscribers, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles

As of April 2018, there are over 8.5 Billion connected devices in the world and 5 Billion unique subscribers. (


Miro Salem - Founder & CEO (Ericsson, AT&T, Verizon)

Dr. Elica Rahdar, Ph.D. - Co-founder & COO (UCLA Neuroscience, Research & Stats)


Alchemist Accelerator – 500 Startups – Citrix – Amr Awadallah (CTO Cloudera)