Founded by Miro Salem (who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at 3TEN8). Miro was a former Ericsson RF engineer, he started his career as a drive tester, and walked away as an SME and technical advisor to Verizon and AT&T; TASKED WITH HELPING CARRIERS BETTER MANAGE AND OPERATE THEIR WIRELESS NETWORKS.

At the CCA conference in Nashville (2016), 3TEN8 introduced Beeper, a mobile app, that allowed users to monitor their network with one tap, at any time, from anywhere to track their SLA’s. 3TEN8 signed up 10 carriers in 2 days, however, only a few carriers were given access to Beeper, so that 3TEN8 could learn from a small group of networks, and provide them with a more powerful product.

Beeper gave the 3TEN8 team tremendous insight into how engineers work, what questions they need answers to, and what’s most important to them from day to day.

With this information, 3TEN8's data scientists developed CIRCLE. CIRCLE uses deep neural networks, proprietary algorithms, and causal graphical models, to help engineers predict, and understand the cause of network degradations and outages, allowing them ample time to fix them before they’re ever felt by their subscribers.

CIRCLE has already proven itself on live networks, and in 3TEN8 labs, but it becomes smarter the more data it has, which is why 3TEN8 reached out to a hand selected group of carriers, to invite them to be part of the CIRCLE. These carriers were given exclusive preliminary access to CIRCLE'S insights, and most notably, they are the only 5 carriers in the world, who have a smart network.

Open Positions

Data Scientist

Candidate will contribute to 3TEN8 technology automation "bots" strategy, and produce innovative AI / ML solutions for autonomous bots perception, planning, and behavior decision making modules.



  • Deep neural networks
  • Agent-based modeling / Symbolic artificial intelligence
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • Hybrid-systems with heuristic and AI/ML models and shared autonomy
  • End-to-end systems

Design Intern

Works with our full-time designer to produce and develop design assets, and digital graphics.  The design intern manages her or his own workflow, as appropriate.



  • A candidate who is a deadline-driven creative thinker will excel in this position.
  • A successful candidate must have relevant course work and on-the-job experience in graphic design. Prefer candidates with on-the-job experience or students currently enrolled in graphic design or journalism with a design emphasis.
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, in a Mac environment is required.
  • Must be organized and detail-oriented.
  • Must have ability to work in a team-oriented, professional environment.


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